interior installations

MOTHER’S HAT (2022) work in progress on display soon at Freud Muesum

Laughing Monk with iron board (2021) at Project Space   Lewisham Arthouse 

MOLE Video installation still, first shown @aptgallery

THE COST OF LIVING for Deptford X @thecoppertea

YOU ARE NOT HERE  shown @urbanphotofest an international festival exploring lens media practices in relation to the urban domain. and







HAPPY DAYS – selected by Emma Biggs and  Matthew Collings for the Creekside Open  London

list of international exhibitions:

  • YOU ARE NOT HERE – UK a multi media installation by cinematographer, Alex Forsey & visual artist, Alma Tischlerwood on the paradox of maps and the Cartesian grid – sound design by Max Ripple
  • Tischlerwoods Knot event is a hands on, participative knot performance and installation that will take place at the Tea Hut, next to the Creek in Greenwich. The work will tie up several strands of thought. The act of tying a knot is like a moment of time, meditation and focus. A limited edition of signed posters and Knot T-shirts will be exclusively available during APT LIVE and ART LICKS only
  • ‘The Machine For Saying Sorry is an installation work by four people from different practices and interests. In this sense it may appear to link art, design, technology and music. Collaborators: John Lunn composer |Tischlerwood artist | Sara Willett artist | John Wood inventor Click here to preview
  • Le JRM ( Le Jardin des Recherches Musicales) PARIS, FRANCE performances, field recordings. Avec Ocean Viva Silver,Fabrice Naud, Rodolphe Alexis, Jean-Philippe Renoult, DinahBird, Tischler Wood, Max Ripple, Korinna McRobert, Alan Dunn, Sophie Couronne, Gabi Schaffner, Isabelle Stragliati, Marie Lisel, Julie Rousse, La Cosa Preziosa, Sally Ann McIntyre aka radio Cegeste, Aline Penitot et Cyril Lepeti
  • HOUSE OF CARDS at OQBO Galerie, Berlin 2016  Alma Tischlerwood (London) and Alix Stadtbaeumer (Munich)
  • MADAME LAVOISIER’S DRAWING ROOM solo exhibition, Munich, Artothek & Bildersaal 2014
  • since 2000 presented by Sonja Roesch Gallery, Houston Texas, USA
  • UND 6 – INTERCONTINENTAL at the Schwartz gallery – curated by Billy Gruner, Jan van der Ploeg & Tilman
  • first solo exhibition in Seoul, Korea at PAPER GALLERY(2011)
  • TAYTO part of WNT, Botanical Museum, Dahlem, a sphere made from potato crisp packaging,(2013)