“I don’t know what I want, but I want it NOW!” presents an international, European exhibition of new and existing visual art, multimedia, sound and performance works that explore the interplay between the urgency in politically and environmentally precarious times.

The exhibition includes a special performance and Q &A on Sunday 5 November: 4:30 – 5:30 pm at APT*  Gallery, 6 Creekside, Harold Wharf, SE8 4SA

MEET ME AT… When art and dance meet, extraordinary things can happen.

This performance combines the worlds of visual art, performance and dance. Led by an artist and a choreographer, this project aims to develop a deeper understanding of how movement and art can intersect and influence each other.

Neurological research has shown that when people look at a figurative sculpture,  their brains process the visual data in specific but often different ways. Artists and  dancers are trained to perceive the body in ways that are different but difficult to put  into words. In this project, dancers at the beginning of their careers, will have the  opportunity to work with experienced mentors from the fields of choreography and  art on a hybrid art performance, incorporating their respective experiences and  creative skills. The project will culminate in an informal performance of the work devised throughout a weekend of collaborative workshops led by Bim Malcomson and Alma Tischlerwood.

This project aims to inspire dancers to continue  exploring the connection between movement and art, fostering a lifelong  appreciation for both disciplines. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey  that will expand your artistic horizons and ignite your creativity!


Bim specialises in deconstructing Ballet to reconstruct it into choreographic work. In  her role as a Dance Artist at the Royal Opera House she choreographs new works and  mentors teachers nationally. For 13 years she was the Lead Artist in Education at the

Royal Ballet School (RBS) making large scale dance pieces, working with 50  teenagers, including 25 students from RBS and 25 students from secondary schools  around London. Her dance pieces have been performed at venues from Bulgarian  orphanages to the Royal Opera House, London Bus Stops to the BBC. Bim teaches  choreography at Central School of Ballet and has her own ballet class for people living with multiple sclerosis..


Alma Tischlerwood studied with Günter Fruhtrunk at the Munich Academy and  briefly Philosophy at Goldsmiths University of London. After graduating in Germany  the artist received among other awards a prize for painting and a scholarship of the  city of Munich. Her multidisciplinary work includes abstract painting, sculptures and  murals in public spaces using colour itself and concepts where sometimes one can  detect a refreshing pinch of irony and humour. The artist is also founding member of  foreign investment, which is a work of art and an international artist collective.

Tischlerwood’s individual work including artist collective, foreign investments have  been shown in numerous international exhibitions including the Tate Liverpool, The  Bluecoat, 5th Istanbul Biennale (Fringe), 48th and 51st Venice Biennale and at the  Freud Museum.

Alma Tischlerwood lives and works in London.


*The gallery: Art in Perpetuity Trust (APT) is a registered charity. It was founded in 1995 by a group of artists in an old warehouse on Deptford Creek.

Its mission is to support creative thought and artistic vision both in the studio  and in the wider world. At its freehold premises on the banks of Deptford  Creek, APT provides 42 secure studios for visual artists, a contemporary art  gallery, a working sculpture yard and an external public performance space.

These events invite creative participation and aim to develop the participant’s ability to look, listen and respond spontaneously to the world around us.

Tischlerwood’s: The Have Knots, a participatory knots live performance and installation at APT, SE8 4SA Tea Hut, next to the Creek.

The act of tying a knot is like a moment of time, meditation and concentration.

A limited edition of signed posters and Knot – T-shirts will be exclusively available during APT LIVE and ART LICKS only


live performance in collaboration with Jillian Lochner (photography), London

live performance  –  Botanical Museum Dahlem, Berlin, DE

BRIEF ENCOUNTERBRIEF ENCOUNTER an hour long, painterly intervention in the windows of the
www.waste.Agency at the old HMV, 1 Whittington Avenue, City of London,
Bim Malcolmson &  Alma Tischlerwood