Hafnaborg Museum, Iceland 2018 Artist-in-Residence programme, 1 month (Sep)

1-month (july 2014) artist in residence at Les Ateliers d’ Artistes de Sacy, Chateau de Sacy-le-petit.

Space for 10 at CFCCA, Manchester 2008

Love & Peace was developed during the 8 weeks residency programme:
89 Days, 142 squares painted in 3 shades of Red on 4 studio walls at the CFCCA.

Space for 10 is a unique creative development programme designed to help mid-career artists develop, extend and maintain their careers through mentoring, professional development and an 8-week residency with an UK arts venue.
Space for 10 is an Art House Wakefield project, funded by the Esme Fairbairn Foundation, The Hepworth Wakefield and Arts Council England.

“Living in a time of fear recklessness and obsessive consumption it seems important to generate positive energy in order to stimulate, and motivate beneficial change.”